Modern spiritual acoustic and electronic soundscapes for healing ,meditation, consciousness, initiation and multidimensional ceremonies!

Just click on the titles at the bottom of this page to listen to some mp3 snippets of our music! All titles are available on more than 15 seperate cd's (most of them cost 15 euro per album with 6 titles, more information and orders by email: info@healingsoundmovement.com). More information about our unique music albums below on this page also! Also listen to many other music titles on video at our HealingSoundMovement YouTube music page !

The titles of the 15 albums are:

'Liquid Geometry' (our SoundsTrue album, also with the artist Janosh, check out his 'Sacred Geometry: unlock your potential with the keys of the Arcturians' kit, which also includes my music and has allready won an important price for innovating product of the year for spiritual products-more than 60.000 allready sold!, www.soundstrue.com)!


'DNA Music' (deep transformational and inner healing modern meditation music which touches the heart and our DNA!)


'Spiritual Ritual' (percussive ethnic and world influence blended with initiation and ceremonial soundscapes)


'Planetary Consciousness' (multidimensional "space" soundscapes for accessing higher bandwith harmonics and frequencies)


'The Old Man' (spoken words and important messages in and old sacred language, spoken by The Old Man,check www.andore.nl


New (out now!): a very special cd with music and sacred vocal live recordings sung in ancient Egyptian temples in Luxor and Dendera, called 'The Mothership'! This album contains sacred downloads and songs, recorded live in Egypt!


New cd called 'Spheres of Light' out now (july 2008)!

Meditative soundscapes for healing.


Out now (july 2008)!: a new cd called 'Galactic Heart' with vocal messages and singing by Nanco Emmanuel, with music soundscapes produced by John Consemulder (www.pleiadian-consciousness.nl and www.galactic-heart-centre.com).


Also available, our latest cd albums:

'Spiral Dance', 3 'Sacred Mantras' cd's (zie info hieronder), 'Reis naar de Geboorte', 'Subliminal', 'Day Out Of Time' , 'Prayer For The Children' en '432 Hertz compilation'



3 new important sacred mantras cd's out now, with approval and mantras by trance-medium Judith K. Moore (USA, read more and listen to some sacred mantras mp3's at Judith Moore's website, click here and here

'13 Sacred Mantras of the New Creation' (holy codes and glyphs received in Massada, Israel),

'13 Sacred Tones of the New Creation' (holy mantras and glyphs received in cave, France)

'7 Sacred Mantras of the Living Grail' (received by Judith at our home on my birthday, oktober 14th, 2008).

Special introduction package deal: 1 cd 15 euro, two cd's 25 euro, all 3 cd's 35 euro!

More info about these special cd projects below (meer informatie over deze bijzondere cd's, ook in het Nederlands, kun je lezen onder de drie cdhoesjes)!

13_sacred_mantras_hoes_France_1.jpg 13_sacred_mantras_hoes_Israel_1.jpg 7_sacred_mantras_living_grail_hoes_1.jpg


(Judith K. Moore, John Consemulder & Renske Skills)

The 'Sacred Tones of the New Creation' were revealed to Judith (with her husband Randy and Madeline in France and Carin in Israel) during the journey through the mirror of Magdala from France to Israel. These tones have been recognized by an expert in the ancient text and ancient languages as authentic. They are the 13 Angelic Seals that open the tones of creation for Earths new Creation.

The '7 Mantras of the Living Grail' are Holy Mantras that Judith Moore received and downloaded at John Consemulder's place in Utrecht, the Netherlands. John is a soundhealer, music producer, author and lecturer. Judith received the sacred glyphs and mantras on his birthday oktober 14th. They carry the codes of the enfolding and unsealing of The Living Holy Grail!

The 3 music cd's sound and are beautifull, healing, transformative, intense, deep, quitening, meditative, powerfull and take you through all times and ancient holy places. They literally activate the bio-acoustic and electo-genetic potential in your DNA, to enfold the holographic codes carried in vibration to all your cells for the ascenscion to take place. You can listen at the cd's alone or together, or work with the activations and workshop material, which is also on all cd's!

The mantras have been recorded in John's professional studio and all cd's have the mantras with complementing music on them, as well as the sung mantras by itself (by singer, choreographer and Qigong instructor Renske Skills) and the music itself. So you can also sing with groups or practice the mantras repeatedly by yourself in many ways. Sound is a carrier wave of consciousness and reaches all dimensions, so please feel free to 'inform' and 'imprint' all the water and cells of your musical instrument, which is your body, with the sacred sounds and vibrations of these cd's.

For more information, keep track of Judith Moore's new upcoming website http://www.recordsofcreation.com or this website. You can order through John Consemulder or Judith Moore. There is also a special introduction package offer: one cd for 15 euro, 2 cd's for 25 euro or 3 cd's for 35 (normally 45 euro). Feel free to contact Judith Moore or order through John Consemulder at info@john-consemulder.com or call at +31 (0)6-10269020 (Netherlands)

Dutch info about these 3 cd's:

Wij zijn door multidimensionaal trancemedium Judith Moore gevraagd om heilige mantras en 'glyphs' die zij heeft mogen ontvangen vanuit de kosmische Bron, te produceren en beschikbaar te stellen voor de wereld. Volgens Judith Moore gaat het om belangrijke ascensiecodes, die de Nieuwe Aarde en het Gouden Jerusalem volgens de voorspellingen zullen volbrengen. De heilige mantras zijn doorgegeven aan Judith (samen met haar man Randy en Madeline in Frankrijk en Carin in Israel) tijdens de reis door de 'Mirror of Magdala' van Frankrijk naar Israel. Deze mantras en kosmische symbolen ('Glyphs') zijn door een expert in oude teksten en heilig schrift (h)erkend als zijnde authentiek! Het zou hier gaan om 13 'Angelic Seals' die de klanken van creatie voor de 'New Creation' op aarde zullen openen.

Naast de 2 cd's 'Sacred Mantras of the New Creation' (Massada, Israel) en de 'Sacred Tones of the New Creation' (Frankrijk), zijn wij ook gevraagd om een derde cd te produceren... Op 14 oktober 2008 ontving Judith de '7 Sacred Mantras of the Living Grail' in onze aanwezigheid. Volgens Judith gaat het hier om zeer belangrijke mantras en trillingen die gedragen worden door de klanken van de mantras. De trillingen van deze mantras dragen net als de andere mantras bij aan het onthullen van bepaalde verborgen gehouden energetische codes. We mogen de codes van de Heilige Graal (een kosmische bloedlijn van Christusbewustzijn!) nu ontvangen en ermee verbinden.

De sfeer van de muziek en vocalen van Renske Skills op de cd's zijn te omschrijven als: helend, transformerend, sensueel, meditatief, trancedentaal, hypnotiserend, warm, intens, meeslepend en uiterst krachtig! Met slechts de mantras tot onze beschikking, bleken wij in staat om allerei prachtige tijdloze melodielijnen te mogen 'downloaden', een wonderlijke ervaring. Soms waan je je in de tempels van het oude Egypte, Afrika, Azie en oeroude en inheemse beschavingen. De cd's zijn heerlijk om naar te luisteren, maar vooral ook geschikt om in afstemming alleen of met een groep mee te werken. Er zijn versies met percussie en zang, maar de zang is ook los opgenomen, evenals de percussie. Hierdoor kan er op diverse manieren geoefend worden met de heilige mantras. Dit zorgt ervoor dat de energetische trillingen die besloten liggen in de mantras, vrij kunnen komen bij het beluisteren ervan (maar vooral in het 'tonen' of zelf zingen van de mantras!). Lees meer op de website van Judith Moore, de sacred mantras zijn daar ook te beluisteren en de prachtige glyphs van Judith zijn daar ook te bewonderen! Klik op http://www.recordsofcreation.com/index.php?option=com_k2&view=item&id=2853:sacred-tones-and-mantras-cds-by-healing-sound-movement&Itemid=102 en

En inmiddels zijn er sinds 2010 dus ook weer een paar nieuwe albums, zoals 'Spheres of Light', 'Subliminal', 'Day out Of Time', 'Reis naar de Geboorte' en natuurlijk het prachtige 'Prayer For The Children' album met diverse remixen, verkrijgbaar. Niet in de winkels verkrijgbaar!

All music is copyright protected!



Listen to some music here!

Please be aware that most tracks below contain just a few minutes of the original work and are in lower quality mp3 format!

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The healing music cd’s of John Consemulder

‘LIQUID GEOMETRY’ is the album of John Consemulder featuring vocalist and choreographer Renske Skills. This album is released worldwide in the English language by spiritual publisher SoundsTrue (Lynne McTaggart, Ken Wilber, Deepak Chopra, soundhealers Jonathan Goldman and Tom Kenyon, etc.) in the USA. The album is also featured in the ‘Sacred Geometry: unlock your potential with the keys of the Arcturians’ kit of the holographic artist Janosh. The album has already been sold sold 60.000 times! (18 euro)

‘THE MOTHERSHIP’ is a very special NEW cd. In the temples of Egypt (Karnak, Luxor, Dendera Hathor temple) we literally received ‘downloads’! Ancient sounding melodies and vocal lines which ‘came through us’ and contain multidimensional codes for the ascension...We recorded our vocals in these ancient sacred spaces and combined this with special music. The result is an extraordinary combination of ancient melodylines with modern spiritual healing music. (18 euro, money going to starchildren events!)

‘SPHERES OF LIGHT’ is also a new cd, lush soundscapes with real flute elements, healing sounds and meditastive states in modern spiritual times. Just beautifull... (15 euro)

‘SPIRAL DANCE’ is for those who also enjoy our modern more dance-orientated high energy spiritual music. (15 euro)

‘BLUEPRINT’ is the cd with the book. This cd contains energy fields of cropcircles, sacred spaces like Glastonbury Tor, Glastonbury Abbey (first church of Jesus), old languages, channelings of ET languages, etc. Very special!!! (book plus 80 min. cd 29,50 euro)

‘DNA MUSIC’ contains deep, transformative music for intrinsic spiritual healing. It varies from underwater soundscapes with whales, delicate melodies and strings, to angelic and uplifting healing harmonies. It can be used for healing, meditation, Qigong, Yoga and other healing modalities. (15 euro)

‘SPIRITUAL RITUAL’ is also meant for healing. The main focus of this cd is music for initiation, rituals and ceremonies. It contains ethnic instruments, percussion and world music elements. It can be used for deep personal healing, for initiations and activations in groups, and for spiritual dance gatherings or workshops. (15 euro)

‘PLANETARY CONSCIOUSNESS’ is a multidimensional healing music cd. It is also meant to be a multidimensional approach for music for planetary consciousness. (15 euro)

‘THE OLD MAN’ is a special cd which contains music combined with multidimensional communications with a ‘higher self’ (in a unknown ancient heartfelt language through ‘The Old Man’). The Old Man is also a telepathic contact of 13-dimensional Arcturian trance-medium Judith Moore, ascended masters and starchildren. (15 euro)

‘GALACTIC HEART’ is a high frequency multidimensional music cd. It is centered about the voice, higher self and channeled communications of Nanco Emmanuel, a multidimensional being and keeper of sacred light energies. The cd is named after his Galactic Heart Centre and the Galactic Center of our solar system. (15 euro)

(More new albums like Prayer For The Children, Reis naar de Geboorte, Subliminal, 432 Hertz compilation available now!)


Click HERE to listen to some more of our beautifull music!

All music titles are copyrighted protected, it is forbidden by copyright law to make copies without the written approval of the composer or publisher. For legal licensing, please contact the composer or publisher of the works.

Info: info@healingsoundmovement.com , www.healingsoundmovement.com

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