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For all music by CONTRAST (instrumental ambient Filmscapes by John Consemulder),

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For all music by LIMBIC SYSTEM (Techno trax by John Consemulder),

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For our WORLDPEACECHILD album 'Prayer For The Children' (One Song Around The World),

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HEALINGSOUNDMOVEMENT (Contemporary Healing/Meditation/Ethno World sounds)

Removing All Obstacles (Ganesha Mantra): (single) Listen HERE 

Ancient Voices:  SoundYoga Series, Vol. 1:  (feat. Songdancer): (album) Listen HERE 

Wheel of Life: SoundYoga Series, Vol. 2. (album) Listen HERE 

Himalaya ep: SoundYoga series,Vol 3.) (feat. SongDancer & Manish Shrestha) Listen HERE 

Land of Sarod (feat. SongDancer & Manish Shrestha) Listen HERE

HealingSoundMovement feat. SongDancer:Ocean To Ocean 1 track album Listen HERE

* HealingSoundMovement feat. Diyana Vasileva: Devotion (single). Listen HERE

* HealingSoundMovement feat. SongDancer: H2Ohm: (single) Listen HERE

* HealingSoundMovement feat. SongDancer: Prophecy (single, live from Egypt!). Listen HERE

* HealingSoundMovement feat. Yourie Castricum: Pygmee Tribe (single). Listen HERE

 HealingSoundMovement feat. Manish Shrestha: Dreamtime Healing (single) Listen HERE

* HealingSoundMovement feat. Diyana Vasileva: Nature Spirits (single). Listen HERE

 HealingSoundMovement: The Deep (single) Listen HERE

 HealingSoundMovement: Soundtrack for the New Atlantis (1 track album) Listen HERE

 HealingSoundMovement feat. SongDancer: Song of the Cetaceans (single) Listen HERE

 HealingSoundMovement: EthnoSphere (single) Listen HERE

 HealingSoundMovement feat. Avi Adir: Tehiyot (single) Listen HERE

 HealingSoundMovement feat. SongDancer: Chrysalis Center Azores (single) Listen HERE

 HealingSoundMovement feat. SongDancer: Shine From The Song (single) Listen HERE

 HealingSoundMovement feat. SongDancer & Tamara: Send me and Angel (cover song) (single) Listen HERE

 HealingSoundMovement feat. Manish Shrestha: Flute Adventure (single) Listen HERE

 HealingSoundMovement feat. SongDancer: Calling the Angels (single) Listen HERE


WORLDPEACECHILD (WorldPeaceChild children project album, in different languages)

Prayer for the Children. (album) Listen HERE 


JOHN CONSEMULDER (House, Electronic, Nu-Soul, Jazz-Dance, etc.)

A Crazy World (ep) Listen HERE 

Human Emotions: (ep) Listen HERE 

This Woman's Work (single) Listen HERE 

RU Feelin' Me (ep) Listen HERE

FutureWave Classic ep Listen HERE 

ZuperFunk (feat. Renske Skills & Patrick Chappell) Listen HERE

Funk in Town (feat. Patrick Chappell) Listen HERE

 * Come With Me (feat. Patrick Chappell) Listen HERE

M.U.S.I.C (feat. Jerique Allan) Listen HERE

Stranger (feat. Renske Skills) Listen HERE

Fly With Me (feat. Renske Skills) Listen HERE

Human Drama EP Listen HERE

Sweet Dreams (cover) Listen HERE

Heaven (Rain down on me) (feat. Renske Skills) Listen HERE

The man with the snake eyed mind (feat. Renske Skills) Listen HERE

Lament  Listen HERE

Rewind To Start (Feat. Lex Empress) Listen HERE

Vienna (Ultravox cover) Listen HERE

Living Inside This Dream Drama EP (feat. Patrick Chappell & Miss Chianty) Listen HERE

Sequential Intrventions EP Listen HERE

IA(M) Listen HERE


LIMBIC SYSTEM (Detroit Techno, Tech-House, Acid)

Default (Original Techno Series, Vol. 1). (album) Listen HERE 

System Alert (Original Techno Series, Vol.2) (album) Listen HERE 

Analogue Inhibitors (Original Techno Series, Vol. 3) (EP) Listen HERE

Prism (Original Techno Series, Vol. 4) (EP) Listen HERE

TechScapes (Original Techno Series, Vol. 5) (EP) Listen HERE

MetaVerse (Original Techno Series, Vol. 6) (EP) Listen HERE

Substantia Nigra (Original Techno Series, Vol. 7) (EP) Listen HERE

Bend (EP) Listen HERE


CONTRAST (Ambient Song/FilmScapes)

Dreamscapes (album) Listen HERE

Landscapes: (album) Listen HERE

Songscapes: (album) Listen HERE 



Biography John Consemulder:

International music producer John Consemulder is one of Netherland's earliest (starting in 1987) and most prolific and versatile house/techno/EDM music producers. He has already released more than 150 international EDM/HOUSE/TECHNO and other productions and remixes to this date! His tracks have been included on numerous influential compilations like Dance Valley , Impulz , Chemistry, Dave Angel’s Trust the dj compilation, Roland Dancegear cd, Mike Grant's (godfather of Detroit Techno) Hugo Boss 'Tokyo' cd compilation and many, many more.

He was the first Dutch producer to have been included on the famous SOMA label (as Frame, among other artists like Slam, Daft Punk, Funk d,Void, Gene Farris, Sillicone Soul, etc). He was A&R manager for the famous techno label X-TRAX (where he released ep's as Vintage, Index, Hippy Joggers, JohnJohn, Detour). He has released material on major record labels like WARNER Music (as Passion Inc.), SONY Music (playstation), EDEL Rec. (as ConMan, together with Dj Eric De Man), but also on quality labels like Basic Beat, Essential Dance Music and Dj Michel de Hey’s EC techno label.

He also released three records on Dj Tiesto’s progressive WildLife label and also two very well received releases on legendary Mike Grant,s Detroit based Moods & Grooves (feat. vocalist Lex Empress, also remixes by John Tejada and PirahnaHead)) and End 2 End labels.

And many more to come, since he has just moved to a new and updated, bigger and even more professional studio and is actively producing and releasing new and exciting music in his new studio in 2023 (on the 'Green Island'of Sao Miguel, Azores, Portugal, where he now lives and works)! Definitely check (and listen) all his new projects and planned releases...

John Consemulder also produces under the pseudonym CONTRAST (contemporary ambient filmscapes), LIMBIC SYSTEM (tech-house, detroit techno, techno, acid house), WORLDPEACECHILD (Peace Project for Children) and HEALINGSOUNDMOVEMENT!

HEALINGSOUNDMOVEMENT is international music producer John Consemulder, often featuring vocalist and choreographer SongDancer (a.k.a Renske Skills).

HealingSoundMovement is all about inspiration, passion, raising consciousness and assisting transformation and healing through sound healing and vibrational medicine (what i call 'SoundYoga', which i also offer in workshops and courses). It is all about moving and healing the hearts and minds of others.

The music of HealingSoundMovement consists of an endless variety and blend of evolving and subtle tones, drones, percussion, ambient and atmospheric soundscapes, sound healing instruments, and ethnic and future world sounds, produced by John Consemulder. Often featuring with the sacred dance and healing voice of SongDancer, a mesmerizing and unique combination of contemporary healing sounds and ancient voices and deeper meaning, is created and produced. Combine this with the conscious use of the power of intention and heart coherence, in interaction with the audience and our guidance, and you get a truly multidimensional musical and healing experience.

John Consemulder has recently started his own music company with the labels ‘HEALINGSOUNDMOVEMENT’, 'H2OHM RECORDINGS', 'WORLDPEACECHILD Music' and 'EXTRAORDINARY RECORDINGS' , where  will be releasing his own material (produced in his own professional music studio) online. John will also release albums produced for newly signed amazing artists (like sitar and guitar player Hans Flierboom and Indian vocalist Sandhya Sanjana and Nepalese Sarod player and vocalistManish Shrestha) , which he will release on his sublabels HealingSoundMovement and WorldPeaceChild Music and ExtraOrdinary recordings...





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