Biography Renske Skills

Ssinger, dancer, choreographer and certified Qigong instructor Renske Skills

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Every once in a while we get amazed by an artist who seems to be doing it all. Meet Renske Skills... 

Renske Skills has been active in the international music and entertainment industry for more than 15 years and received the name Skills when she was busy performing as a professional dancer and choreographer. She seems to have done it al; from being a qualified dance teacher and choreographer for schools and theater, from giving workshops in schools and conventions, to giving aerobic and fitness lessons in high-class fitness schools and being an MC, singer and songwriter! 

For many years now, Renske Skills has been active as a choreographer and dancer for artists like LL Cool J, Jocelyn Brown, Sister SledgePaul Young2 Unlimited and numerous other artists. She also created videoclip choreographies for artists like LoonaCaptain JackStay-C and other artists and has worked for John de Mol Productions.

And if that wasn,t enough; Renske also managed to do shows for numerous events and conventions like the Grand Prix, Tour Marlboro, club Pacha in Spain, Cosmopolitan, Elle, Bjorn Borg, Gap-Star, Coebergh and a variety of clubs likePanama, Melkweg, Chemistry, Paradiso, just to name a few.

While having her own dance group all these years she created the choreograpy and dance shows for major dance events like Innercity, Sensation, Mysteryland and many more.

Then there are all the television shows like MTV music Awards, Pleasure Zone TMF, John de Moll’s Swingpaleis, Staatsloterijshow, Televisiering, Peter Jan Rens, Viva and countless other shows and choreography creations which have been broadcasted throughout whole Europe.


Renske's personal achievement led her to become a very succesfull singer and MC as well! One thing just led to another, from being the background singer in the televised show Einslife on the german RTL and ZDF channels, to Viva shows and performances with artists.

Faster than anyone could have imagined, Renske Skills was becoming a real crowdhypster and VibeMaster as people seem to name her after they have experienced her versatile and dynamic vocal performances. 

As a singer she was responsible for the start of Wicked Jazz Sounds, an enormously popular club evening in in a variety of clubs in Amsterdam where she was the host and main singer and MC. She took care of all organisation aspects and invited all kind of guest musicians and dj’s to come and play on the funkiest, jazziest and grooviests dancetunes thinkable. She has done this for years now on a weekly basis with a evergrowing and faithfull following and she still does. Not only was she singing and entertaining her audience, she also performed live in about every club in the Netherlands and also abroad, sometimes supporting all kind of well known dj,s (like Eddy de Clerc, Eric de Man, Erik E, Laidback luke, Brian S, but also 4-Hero, Mustafa and other names). Often she also performed live with her own hand picked musician friends to put down an energetical, musically alive performance.

Renske Skills also performed at clubs, theaters, worked out showcases and cd presentations, was the host and MC for MTV Fusion, sang at the StadsSchouwburg and many other locations. 

Needless to say that Renske became an experienced singer and MC who could just as well sing over soulfull housetunes as work with mystifying lyrics and spoken words as well as to sing on jazzier live music with real musicians. Combine this with the fact that she might as well be dancing at the same time together with her own dance group while having choreographed the whole show herself and you get the whole picture...

 In the meantime Renske Skills hooked up with producer and remixer John Consemulder, who had been around from the early start of house music back in 1987 and released more than 50 releases on international quality labels like SOMA, EC, Moods & Grooves, Warner Music and many more. John had also been A&R manager and salesmanager and his international producing and music busisness experience came in handy when he decided to become Renske’s manager.

Renske Skills  and John Consemulder are performing live and can be booked for different projects, from groovy deep house to more nu soul and future jazz sounding material together with other live musicians. They are also working on an album, of which a few tracks are allready finished. Renske’s voice and lyrics have also recently been used on a hugely marketed K-Swiss commercial, which was being broadcasted throughout whole Europe on a daily basis in 2005!

This is an artist who has the looks, the moves, the voice, the energy, the dedication and the willpower to give it all to any audience which will soon find out that she really has the Skills which her name suggests...Renske Skills can be a real VibeMaster and CrowdHypster, so be ready to get hooked and expect more real soon...


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