Alle HSM TV radio en Tv-interviews GRATIS ontvangen!? DAVID WOLFE nu online!

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Het jaar 2016 belooft een bijzonder jaar te worden... Als je je opgeeft voor onze nieuwsbrief (via: http://www.centrumzonnewijzer.nl/nieuwsbrief/) ontvang je namelijk niet alleen onze evenementen agenda (http://www.centrumzonnewijzer.nl/agenda/)...

Op wekelijkse basis ontvang je dan ook alle (meer dan 500!) GRATIS HealingSoundMovement radio- en Tv interviews. Je kunt dan kijken naar unieke inspirerende en bewustmakende interviews die John Consemulder heeft opgenomen met auteurs, sprekers, wetenschappers en leraren als:



Bruce LiptonAkianeDr. Konstatin KorotkovLynne McTaggartRichard HoaglandDr. Eric PearlKeisha CrowtherDr. Paul LaVioletteJanet OssebaardPeter ToonenPeter LevendaRichard DolanHans AndewegGerrit TeuleJanoshDesiree RoverJannes KoetsierRamanaBert JanssenHeather ClewettDr. Jude CurrivanZacciah BlackburnRonald Jan HeijnPeter VereeckeSandra HileardJohan OldenkampRobbert van den Broeke David Icke, Prof. Dr. Ervin Laszlo, Roy Martina, Dannion Brinkley, Dr. Thornton Streeter, Kimberly Schipke, James Tyberonn, Marije Oostindie, Sonja Buijs, Agnes van den Berg, Estaryia, Isha Judd, His Holiness the 17th Karmapa Trinley Thaye Dorje, Tenzin Wangyal Rinpoche, Lama Gawang Rinpoche, Tulku Sonam Choedup Rinpoche, Grandfather Tlakaelel, Robert van Harten, Tamara Doloechanova, Dmitry Orlov, Konstatin Pavlidis, Prof. Alexander Trofimov, Prof. Vladimir Voeikov, Annette Beerens, Magdalena van den Berg, Sara Kyro Wissler, Anna Maria Palsdottir, Jemma Hawkins, Douwe Beerda, Froukje Strik, Fransje de Waard, Jurgen Welsink, Suzanne Cornelissen, Wim Lips, Marc Janssen, Prof. Dr. David Aldous, Norman Goodyear, Prof. Matthijs Schouten, Bram van de Klundert, Henk Kieft, Ad Broere, David Wolfe, Mischa Phillipsborn, Lea Manders, Eduardo Chianca Rocha, Dr. Herman Koning, Dr. Joe Dispenza, Mark Smulders, Lucas Slager, Dr. Rauni Leena Luukanen Kilde, Ed Grimsley, Ferry Maidman, Grandma Chandra, Dr. Jan van Hemert, Pat Attenas, BearCloud, Kristin Burton, Carol Chandler, Jim Wagenaar, Drs. Marc Schechtl, Hayo Bol, Daniel Schechtl, Julian Kraaij, Dr. Wilfried van Walt van Praag, Wil van de Voort, Kathleen Ann Milner, Deva Premal & Miten, Prem Joshua, Jeff Volk, Jeroen van Putten, Shazrad Awyan,  Madhukar, Rupert Spira, Peter Fenner, Prof. Ulisse Di Corpo, Rita Carter, Amanda Feilding, Nnimmo Bassey, Dr. David Martin, Georg Ritschl, Dr. Brooks Agnew, Jeane Manning, Mark Dansie, Sterling D Allan, Dr. Nick Begich, Catherine Austin Fitts, Michael Tellinger, Ralph and Marsha Ring, Dr. Moray B King, James Martinez, honorary Paul Hellyer, en nog veel meer uitzonderlijke gasten!!!

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Hier alvast een bijzonder Tv-interview met niemand minder dan gezondheidsexpert DAVID WOLFE!



David Wolfe HealingSoundMovement TV (Drs. John Consemulder) interview.


Wil je op de hoogte blijven van alle (meer dan 500!) komende HealingSoundmovement radio- en Tv interviews!? http://www.centrumzonnewijzer.nl/nieuwsbrief/

Voor meer informatie over onze evenementen en activiteiten en ons Centrum Zonnewijzer (en GezondZijnsHuis te Aalsmeer!) zie http://www.centrumzonnewijzer.nl

Werk mee aan de invulling van een groot GezondZijnsHuis! http://www.wanttoknow.nl/inspiratie/gastcolumns/het-gezondzijnshuis/


Voor ons overig werk, zie http://www.healingsoundmovement.com/news , http://www.worldpeacechild.com en zie onze agenda met evenementen (Centrum Zonnewijzer: Centrum voor Bewust, Gezond en Wel Zijn') hier: http://www.centrumzonnewijzer.nl/agenda/

All interviews, editing, montage, production by Drs. John Consemulder (neuropsychologist, author, lecturer, research journalist, music/events/radio/TV producer) for HealingSoundMovement TV (check updates at: http://www.healingsoundmovement.com/news)



HealingSoundMovement TV: The (r)Evolution WILL Be Televised!"

HealingSoundMovement is a truly (r)Evolutionary online LiFe TV-program, which is centered about 5 central pillars in the broadest sense. These main themes (and many related subsets and subjects of interest) are:

• (Non-local and infinite) Consciousness,

• (Natural, bio-energetic and bio-electromagnetic) Healing and Health,

• (New and true) Science, 

• (Real) Sustainabilty


Our main focus is offering insights in the Real Reality, raising Consciousness and assisting Transformation, for all sentient beings and the future of Mankind and the Cosmos. We offer inspirational, moving, motivating, revealing, awareness raising, transformative and highly significant (theoretical and practical) information and insights, which can be used in our everyday lives for the betterhood of all.

Moving the Minds and Hearts of Others (and Our Selfs), that is what we are about! Like a caterpillar transforming into a beautiful butterfly, that is the transformation process we would like to assist...

We look for unity based solutions but also expose limiting and controlling factors, that might slow down the spiritual evolution of man. Important information and insights that might lead to a change in our perception and therefore a change in our reality. Everything related to a Better, Healthier and more Sustainable World, because "We are the Ones we,ve been waiting for!" 

Themes and topics might vary from natural health & homeopathy, radionics & bio-electromagnetic healing, to spiritual healing & shamanism, the musical-, holographic-, and multidimensional reality, to soundhealing and mucis, our evolution and our heritage, to human belief systems, conditioning and religions, intention & heartcoherence, to ESP, psycho-neuroimmunology & mind into matter, psychology and sociology, to banking & new economics, money as debt & the  new world order, mind-kontrol & propaganda, to vaccinations & natural immunity, electromagnetic radiation & protection, to sustainable buildings & ecology and permaculture, to superfoods, natural herbs & biological farming, to cosmoplanetary & space weather information, and more...

Expect the unexpected, in the form of our many fascinating guests, inspiring speakers and authors, mind-blowing scientists and awareness building teachers. So far we have interviewed more than 500 fascinating people, so keep posted and make sure you get our newsletter here:



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Creating TV-interviews and producing TV-specials costs a lot of time, effort and money. Not just the preperation and reading time involved to ask the right questions, but especialy the equipment, transport, arranging the time and place for the interview, the set-up for sound, cameras and light, the actual filming with multiple Full HD cameras and the many days of work needed for editing, montage and production! Maintaining the website on a yearly basis and the costs for having to run many full HD video's on dedicated server space also doesn't come cheap.

We have no sponsors or money coming in from advertisments or other jobs. Please understand you are actually supporting us if you watch our movies and interviews and share the word if you appreciate them. We work hard to offer you inspirational, motivating, consciousness raising and transformational information and tools, brought by many exceptional speakers, authors, scientists and teachers all over the world. It is only through your contributions we can keep up doing our work! 

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